Generally when people think of saunas, an indoor sauna comes in second place.

What came to my mind first, was a picture of an idyllic setting in the mountains,   where there is snow on the ground and a little cabin with a chimney and smoke drifting out of it nestled beside a lake.

At least that is what came to my mind  when I first started exploring the world of saunas.

That picture may have been true 100 years ago but saunas have come a long way baby.

Today’s saunas have every accessory imaginable and can be  very high-tech.

No longer are saunas relegated to the outdoors either. The sauna can be fit in almost any available space that you have. Indoor saunas probably eclipse the number of outdoor saunas but I have no strong data on that. I know that whenever I go on a trip I am always wondering if the hotel or bed and breakfast  will have an indoor sauna that I can enjoy. Often they do.

My sauna, is an outdoor sauna. I bought the materials and built it myself with the help of my son.  The concept is the same. The location is different.

Many people will locate their sauna inside their home, often right inside a large bathroom area.  This makes it very convenient for washing off all the toxins that you have eliminated through your sweat and it keeps the humidity in an area that is used to humidity if you have the ability to create steam in your sauna.

One big benefit of having your sauna indoors is that you are making use of an existing structure. Your home.


Precision Therapy Roman Hemlock

  • I had to build a roof, you won’t need to
  • The materials you choose don’t have to hold up against the elements of nature.
  • Privacy is the norm.
  • The costs of constructing it can be kept to a minimum.


Obviously there are benefits both ways whether you choose to have an outdoor sauna or an indoor sauna.

My advice to youis get a sauna.

You will not regret it.

Amazon has some great choices and they for the most part seem to always have the lowest prices.

One pretty cool indoor sauna, is the Precision Therapy Roman Hemlock

It’s compact, attractive and thoroughly modern.


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