Infra red sauna is also spelled infrared sauna so don’t think they are different units.

An Outdoor Infrared Sauna is a very hot item nowadays (pardon the pun).



This particular outdoor infra red sauna has been redesigned for 2011 and has eight manufacturers suggested retail price of $6995.


It is made for four people and with the shingle roof and 100% waterproof construction it is ideal for outdoor use.




Is an outdoor Infra Red Sauna better?

I have an outdoor sauna and I enjoy it so much more then an indoor sauna.

Fortunately I had the space and the setting that made it ideal. I even opted for a large pane of glass installed in the door so that I would have wide open views of the vast greenery that my home looks out on. Outdoors saunas have that advantage in that your physical senses can come into play so much more.

You’re not walking down a hallway within your home to a sauna that is surrounded by four walls. Although I suppose you could place your sauna by a window that would allow you to look out but you don’t see this very often.

An outdoor sauna requires you to walk outside in the fresh air before you get to the sauna. Perhaps you are even able to be by a lake, stream or in my case a swimming pool which allows you to take a dip in cool water before during and after your sauna. Whatever feels the most relaxing to you.


The Infra Red Sauna features are numerous:

  • This Outdoor Infrared Sauna  has FIR Far Infrared Ceramic Heaters which are considered to deliver the most reliable heating for outdoor saunas. They’re considered to outperform carbon heaters over time.
  • It has the latest cd player and AM/FM radio with stereo speakers.
  • The CD player is built inside so unlike other saunas you don’t have to open the door and let the heat out just to change the CD.
  • There is an ionizer with and ozone generator that keeps the air fresh and with the ozone keeping the bacteria and mold from forming.
  • It has the latest digital control panel which gives you the ability to set your temperature and time are an even showing you the actual temperature.
  • You can change the temperature to show either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • It has reading lights and even color LED lights.
  • Power requirements are a simple 110v and 2400 W.
  • This Infra red sauna is designed to plug into any standard power outlet all you have to do is make sure your power outlet can handle 2400 W maximum.
  • The shipping weight is around 600 pounds but it comes into seven sections so it is very easy to assemble or take down.

An infra red sauna has a way of allowing you to sweat away your problems for the day. An enjoyable session in the evening with a couple of friends or family members can make all the difference in the world in changing a stressful evening to a restful evening.

There is nothing stopping you as I is sometimes do, from starting your day out with this personal luxury too.

Take a look at an answer to your Outdoor Infrared Sauna  needs.. .

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