Just mentioning the term infra sauna  shows how far we have come from the original saunas.  Keep in mind that in the beginning, the Finn’s homes were large holes in the ground covered with turf  which wase dictated by their circumstances.

They lived in a cold harsh climate so heat was a major need. A pile of stones  heated from a fire could give off warmth long enough so that they wouldn’t have to tend a fire all night long.

There wouldn’t be a chimney (I suppose that is similar to today’s sophisticated sauna)   so the home would have to be ventilated to get the smoke out before it could be occupied.

The temperature could be regulated by heaping up more stones and by throwing water on the stones.  As they discovered  the heat rising they realized there were warmer spaces in their home closer to the ceiling, so platforms would be built to  enjoy the greatest amount of heat possible.

As their culture developed their surroundings wouldn’t remain as primitive, yet the love for their sauna experience remained.  That enjoyment has spread around the world and has created a large industry to meet the needs of sauna lovers.

Conventional saunas are just as popular as ever  (especially to the purists) yet an infra  sauna (or more commonly known as an infrared sauna) has captured the attention of the public.

While a traditional sauna uses stones and a heat source of electric wood or gas, a infra sauna  uses an infrared heater to make you sweat. The infrared energy  comes from several heaters made from a metallic or ceramic material.

You see a traditional heater heats the air and everything within the sauna room. With  infrared energy the people and objects are heated directly and the air surrounding those objects is much cooler.

If you don’t enjoy breathing the hot air and for some people it can be quite uncomfortable the infra sauna  may be the way to go.

If you’re looking for a sauna just for yourself and no one else you may consider the One Person Sauna sold by Amazon.

I have been  a sauna user for several years now and it is one of the best and most enjoyable things that I do for myself. I think you will find this same experience too.


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