All of the infrared sauna benefits that are available to you make a compelling argument for the regular use of an infrared sauna. We have been told about all the great aspects that a  traditional sauna  can add to our life, but the  infrared sauna  (which is slightly different than a regular sauna) is relatively new on the scene (about 100 years ago compared to thousands for regular saunas).

An infrared sauna makes the same rays that come from the sun only it filters out the ultraviolet radiation so that it ends up giving you the infrared radiation. That goes just a little ways into your skin to warm your body up without heating your outside skin area, or the air and objects around you.

So now you can sit in a room that isn’t set at a high temperature like mine which is around 180°F to  200°F. Instead you are sitting in a room that is more comfortable  with relatively low temperatures around 100° to 130°F.

Because the traditional saunas raise the air temperature to a very high level within the room,  there can be a problem with breathing for some people. Air this hot won’t be enjoyable, it will be uncomfortable to some. So instead of heating the air, far infrared saunas heat the body directly. Because of this there is a deeper penetration into the tissues of the body and also a lower electric bill, because not as much energy is necessary to get the job done. Far infrared saunas are considered to be safe for all ages. In neonatal units premature babies are kept warm with far infrared.

When I sit in my sauna , I do so knowing there are a multitude of benefits that have been pointed out by medical doctors. But to be honest with you the biggest benefit I get is immediate. It is very relaxing. It’s like the stresses of the day just ooze  out of my body as I start to sweat. The overall effect is extremely restful to my mind, my body,  spirit and emotions.

The infrared sauna benefits are numerous.

I’m not a doctor, these are  the viewpoints of other doctors from around the world.

Infrared sauna benefits may include:

  •  Skin rejuvenation…  sauna use will slowly restore elimination through the skin.  Because of all the exposure to chemicals that damage and clog the skin it becomes inactive, toxic and plugged up.  The sweating process  helps eliminate  heavy metals and toxic chemicals.
  •  Increased circulation… ongoing sauna use can help lower elevated blood pressure along with being helpful for  arthritis and allergies.
  •  Therapy for infections… with the body temperature rising, it provides assistance to the  body in helping it kill bacteria,  parasites and viruses.
  •  Relaxation… by helping the body to relax,  regeneration and healing comes about much faster. ( I have read where it is described as being massaged with melted honey so that every cell goes into deep relaxation. Quite descriptive don’t you think?)
  •  Decreases the stiffness in your joints.
  •  Injury down time is shortened.
  •  It burns calories.
  •  It helps relieve muscle spasms.
  •  It helps improve the immune system.
  •  It reduces your weight. ( Although this is water weight that you will see the immediate weight loss from. You’re also going to be very thirsty so as soon as you start replenishing the water that weight returns).
  •  Enhances better sleep.

The list goes on, as does the enjoyment of each session.

If you are interested in improving certain health conditions that you have by using an infrared sauna, you should always research the topic, then sit down with your physician and decide whether or not the sauna experience it’s the right therapy and safe for you personally.

Here are a few books available for reading about sauna benefits.


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