I don’t own an indoor infrared sauna. So why am I writing this?

Because I do own a sauna.

Mine is outdoors. I was interested in having my own sauna yet knew very little about them.

I started researching online and found a company in Canada that sold me everything I needed for the inside. I had it shipped here to the United States. Mine was a kit of sorts, in that I bought all the materials needed but I still had to cut and size everything to its proper dimensions. Then I purchased the exterior materials locally.

It was a fair amount of work, but my son worked with me so I had a great time. I ended up with my own personal retreat. I’ve enjoyed every minute of building it. Its not often to get that amount of one on one time with someone you love.

Mine is an outdoor conventional sauna with an electric heater and stones. As I’m writing this, in my mind I can hear the hiss as has the water hits those hot stones in the steam fills the room.

It really is an enjoyable experience.

Yet this page is about indoor infrared saunas.

It’s an entirely different way of relaxation but the end result is the same. A calm retreat at home with your body sweating to release toxins and encourage blood circulation. A restful place to get away from the tensions of the day. An experience that rejuvenates you and prepares you for what the next day holds.

An indoor infrared sauna has the heating equipment in the walls which will heat your body but not the air surrounding your body. Unlike mine where the temperature will reach 180° or so, an indoor infrared sauna will have temperatures of around 140°.

My sauna is made for me and one other person.

You can build saunas that accommodate as many people as you want, although the more people obviously the more equipment and the larger equipment you’ll need to keep it functioning well.

An indoor sauna can be an intensely personal experience or you can share it with two or more other people providing you have the room. Sauna parties are catching on and quite normal in European countries saunas are a social gathering place for being able to relax and get to know one another more personally. It’s obviously going to become somewhat personal when you’re sitting in a room with other people and sweating like crazy.

Indoor infrared saunas as can have an array of extras with them. From elaborate music systems to programmable temperature controls, TVs and reading lights are all available.

For me, silence is golden. It’s a fantastic time to think or not, read or even sing (that works best in a one-person sauna :)).

Amazon tends to have the best prices for saunas and many of the manufacturers will sell their product through Amazon. One indoor infrared sauna that looks pretty good to me is the Three-Person Sauna

Take a look, If not, come on back.

I will be here waiting for you.


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