After researching sauna kits I picked a package that included all the materials I would need on the inside of the room. We built it outside, so the materials we needed had to be weather resistance and to tie in perfectly with the existing structure of my home. We bought those materials separately and locally. I had to pour a slab, have an electrician run wiring, I even had a local city building inspector stop over to check things out.

When you buy an interior sauna room kit life gets much simpler. The exterior of your sauna doesn’t have to be protected from the weather, and can be much more attractive than most exterior saunas.

This particular sauna (LifeSmart 2-3 Person Corner Design
) will accommodate 2-3 people and is made to fit right into a corner of your home. There are LED panel controls both interior and exterior which will take care of your time and temperature desires.

It only requires 110v/15 amp electrical outlet which is a big plus compared to mine. its really an attractive unit made out of hemlock for wood construction and is always the class is tempered for your safety.

Corner Design Sauna

There are seven large, carbon panel infrared heaters then are said to provide the most efficient and effective infrared rays for removing body toxins, taking care of your sore muscles and aching joints, increasing your blood circulation and believe it or not even improving your skin tone. Because there are seven panels to heat is distributed evenly throughout the sauna and is softer on your body.

Sauna kits today, can be quite high tech so that you will be able to listen to your favorite music with this units AM/FM/CD stereo and MP3 audio input. of course the speakers are built in and there is an interior like to allow you to read your favorite book as I usually do in mine.

My sauna room has given me a great experience in relaxation but when you add up all the time it took me to construct it and have the various tradesmen do their part I had over a week and construction. These units are looking at only an hour or two.

The assembly of this unit is considered to be a clasp together assembly making it easy on the non-do-it-yourselfer. As far as sauna kits go this makes it a easy task.

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