Personal sauna kits like this one are a great investment. These kits can  make a difference in your life emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. That seems like a tall order for building a wooden room  but I have found it to be true in my own life.  I’m sure you will too. When I decided to build my own personal sauna, I had no idea  of the enjoyment that was ahead of me.

4 person sauna

4 Person Sauna

I had the opportunity to have some great one on one time with my son as we  built the sauna together which always makes me smile when I think about it (it  didn’t hurt that he was an expert craftsman). The end result was more than I could have hoped for.

I now have a place where I am able to go that allows me to recharge to myself  mentally and physically.

The benefits of sauna are well known.  Better blood circulation, weight loss, mental relaxation and skin cleansing are just a few.

I am simply following in the footsteps of generations of sauna users throughout history and enjoying their discovery.

While personal  sauna kitscan benefit your life physically, they can also be beneficial to you financially. When I look at the cost of a home sauna kit it and the value it adds to my home both in function and visual improvement, I can see that  it was a very worthwhile  purchase.  (My wife says it was one of my better decisions.)


All in all, this site is a hearty recommendation of the home sauna lifestyle.

Think about it… at the end of a tough day (although sometimes  I’ll use it to start my day too) your muscles are tight, your mind is tense and weary.   In 30 minutes you can emerge from this magical retreat right in your own home feeling more relaxed,  limber and rejuvenated.

There is a huge selection of personal sauna kits available to choose from along with all be extra parts and accessories to make your experience even more enjoyable. You may choose to build your sauna without a kit. Perhaps you just need a heater or some other accessory. We can direct you to those too. Its a simple process to a great result.


I wish you the best.


Mr. Sauna

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