What on earth is a portable sauna?

A portable sauna certainly is a far cry from the original concept.

Around 2000 years ago when saw as first came into existence with the Finns and the Romans it was a very solid at room you are built with wood or cut into the side of a hill and that was not going anywhere at all.  The idea was to use heat or moisture as a thermal bath that would be beneficial health wise and also as a place to unwind and enjoy a special ritual that could be shared with friends.

Large stones would be heated by a fire and  if water were poured on the stones, the heat and humidity would cause  the participants of this ritual to sweat profusely.

Some lodges like this are still present today, generally in very rural areas.  sonnets today are for the most part dependent upon electricity for operating the heaters whether infrared or traditional.

A portable sauna is just  that.

A very small room, a collapsible room to be honest that will fit around your body and only your body.  They are ideal when you simply do not have the space or the accessibility to a normal sized sauna.

They are usually constructed of a collapsible frame and a fabric that is heavy and strong enough to keep the heat on the inside without affecting the room they are placed in.

There are  several benefits  (beyond the health benefits) to a portable sauna.

Portable sauna benefits include:

  • Able to move from one location to another
  • Fast and efficient erection and dismantling.
  • Easy to store in limited space areas.
  • Easy to keep clean clean with a damp rag an cleaning solution.
  • Allow you to converse with others in the room since your head is outside  the sauna
  • Low cost to purchase
  • Low cost to operate (about 5-8 cents a session)

Different portable sauna models allow you to:

  • Sit up in a chair
  • Recline in a chair
  • Lay on the floor

What would the Finnish  and the Romans from days gone by saying if they saw today’s portable saunas? While the first thing they would say it is… what is this plug going into the wall and how does that make this little box room hot?

After that they would probably marvel at the ingenuity  end time saving convenience of creating all the benefits of  a sauna without having to  complete all the preparations necessary  for them to enjoy  a sauna.

Simplicity in setup.

Simplicity in cost.

Simplicity in operation.

It doesn’t get better than that.

Here are a few  portable saunas that you can  check out.

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