A portable steam sauna  can be one of your life’s luxuries.  

Created and designed for people that understand the benefits that can be achieved from steam saunas that simply don’t have enough room or financial wherewithal that is needed to build a full-size sauna or purchase a steam room  shower.

A portable steam sauna doesn’t need additional plumbing or wiring or even  extra maintenance. They can be set up in minutes and all without using a lot of tools. Generally all you have to do is pour water into the steamer plug it into a normal outlet and in just a few short minutes you’ll be able to enjoy your own private steam sauna.   Often you can use different oils and fragrances  Which gives you the calming  therapeutic effects of aromatherapy while you are enjoying your sauna.  What could be easier?

Think about it… you have this warm steam covering her body which let your muscles relax and unwind while the fatigue and tension slowly but her body.

As the steam sauna continues to do its work your blood circulation improves as the blood vessels dilate all this without putting extra stress on the heart.   Your skin is being hydrated and toxins are being removed through perspiration.

A steam sauna and also helps increase your metabolism burning more calories, it allows you sleep better, work better and  above all feel better.

Different models allow you to either sit stand or even lay down.

When you have a traditional sauna, pouring water over the rocks is what creates the steam, but that is short-lived. Within a minute or so the steam dissipates from the heat already present in the room.

The whole process is quite enjoyable  yet it still doesn’t approach the total immersion you feel when you enter a steam room. Some steam rooms that I have been and are so dense with steam that you can barely make out someone sitting across from you (which may not be a bad thing).

Overall, if your space is limited, if there are no local steam rooms to use and if your finances don’t support building a room the portable steam sauna room is a great way to go.

Amazon generally has the best prices . Here are several to choose from…

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