Sauna benefits have been spoken of for centuries. Studies continue today on the value of sauna sessions. From cardiac benefits  to dealing with common colds, saunas get a lot of praise.



Keep in mind though that as with any program focused on your health, you should do a thorough research on the subject. There can be advantages and disadvantages  with dry saunas, depending on your physical condition. I am not a doctorand I won’t dispense medical advice, I can only say what I have read and what I have experienced for myself.

Can there be risks with saunas?

Yes, for  people that have heart disease or  physical disorders or alcohol use and reactions to high heat. If you were to stay too long in a sauna,  you will have lost a lot of electrolytes from  the body ( just as you would if you exercise a lot),  so dehydration is an issue.  if you’re not used to the sauna experience, you certainly don’t want to rush into a marathon session. Saunabenefits come about as you gradually ease into a regular program starting with short periods of time at the beginning.

What benefit is mentioned most often from sauna use?

Relaxation. This is one  is the biggest factor for me I must say. Not only does the sauna relax me while I am in it, just thinking about using my sauna as the end of my work day approaches is a enjoyable experience.

Because it is a regular part of my life, everything from the smell of the cedar, the quietness and solitude of the room and the hiss as the water splashes on the rocks creating a steam that surrounds my body is all a part of  good memories I have stored away. You  might say that I am already in the zone before I open the door to my sauna.

Once I am inside,  I have a ritual that I have established for myself which helps in the entire process. I prefer to be in my sauna as it is heating up, so I don’t have a blast of hot air hitting me as I walk in. My body is adapting and adjusting as the heat rises and it has become a part of my sauna experience.

The heat slowly but surely relaxes my muscles. Brings my attention to right where I am at that moment.

It’s a bit hard to be thinking of many other issues and problems when you were sitting there with sweat running down your body. Your mind tends to be focused on what’s going on at the moment. There aren’t a lot of things clamoring for my attention in  this silent abode.

Just me, the heat, my sweat and silence.

Don’t like silence? Some saunas nowadays have built in stereo syste

ms and even TVs. You could find that type of set up with the 3 Person Corner Sauna . Soothing music is great for some, you may want upbeat music to elevate your thoughts.

Me?  I enjoy the quietness.

Sauna benefits? For me there are many.

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