Hundreds of years ago Sauna heaters were a much more elaborate affair.

Very simple in design (but a requiring a lot of time), the sauna would have a large pile of stones with a fire built underneath of them. There would be no chimney in this room and after several hours the fire would be extinguished. Now the smoke had to be cleared out because there was no ventilation other than what might seep out the doorway or cracks in the walls. When you were able to breathe comfortably the men would be led in. Women and children could go in later.

Depending on the size of the room it might take half a day to heat up the rocks for a large gathering of people. You could be talking 500 pounds to half a ton of rocks. Fast forward to today’s age and you will see that’s a far cry from the small tray of rocks that you see in today’s Sauna heaters. The same rules apply though, the sauna user is after an enjoyable and relaxing heat which comes about by having a room that’s the correct size according to the power of the heater.

Today’s sauna heaters are very easy and efficient to use. Flick a switch and your work is done. Set the temperature the room and you’re on your way.

Most of the sauna heater’s today are electric with an element in them to heat up rocks which end up heating the room to the correct temperature within 30 minutes more or less.

Types of Sauna heaters

Whether it is an electric, gas or wood burning heater the goal is the same. Provide a hot room.

Obviously a wood-burning heater will be much slower than the other two and there is more labor involved in keeping the fire burning. You’re not going to find many of these in today’s modern society because of the work and effort involved though in extremely rual areas this method is still used.

Gas heaters are very fast and very efficient but not always the least expensive to operate. You’re going to need special piping, venting and code inspections which will all add to the overall installation cost

The easiest to use are electric Sauna heaters because of the low cost of purchase and the economical installation. Simple to operate, no need for a chimney though you will need to vent the room and no pollution ( unless you consider the electric company).

Sauna Heater Price

There are all kinds of models to choose from and as with anything the quality will affect the price.

The stainless steel is used a lot which affects the price in the higher units though some companies will use another type of steel for the casing and paint it.

As with anything there are high and and very basic models. You will always get what you pay for.

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