The need for steam  sauna supply  is obvious.

No sauna steam, no sauna experience.

Once you have experienced a steam sauna it’s hard to get it out of your mind. The relaxation, the clearing away of mental cobwebs and the health benefits provided, all come together as a package.  A steam sauna doesn’t just come together magically though. Time and effort and skill with the property equipment must  all be carefully implemented to achieve your final goal.

The heart of your sauna is  the steam sauna supply.

The Roma Steam Bath Steam Generator can supply the steam needed for a 700 ft. room.



  • Its dimensions are 14″ W x 27″H x 4″D.
  • Within just 60 seconds of activating the unit you can have continuous steam
  • Because the steam unit is Teflon coated it automatically cleans itself after each use
  • The heating electrodes are made of stainless steel and they WILL NOT burn out
  • Space isn’t a problem with this unit because it’s made to be recessed into the wall, in basement or attic areas

Health Benefits?

The company tells us that:

  • A 10-20 minute steam bath session can increase your heart  break as much  as 75% so it’s similar to moderate or vigorous walking.
  • Steam relaxes the muscles so it helps release endorphins which is our body’s natural pain relievers
  • Higher body temperature can help improve the  immune system and get rid of various toxins
  • Your steam sauna  cleanses and moisturizes your skin.


You can include mud packs for oil treatments or salt rubs into your steam session and end up creating your own private beauty spa.

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