A steam shower sauna kit is quite different from a conventional sauna or  FIR infrared sauna.

There is no moisture involved in an infrared sauna other than your own sweat of course. In a conventional sauna you produce steam by pouring water on the rocks that are heated up.

In a steam shower sauna, the method of creating the heat is hot water which produces steam throughout the room. The construction of your sauna is different in that now you must have waterproof walls and the method of producing the heated water is totally different also.


The Shower W/hydro Massage Jets & Steam Spa Sauna will meet your needs and then some.  It is set up as a corner shower and really has a very nice design to it.

If you like technology then this is the shower  for you. It comes with all kinds of gadgets like digital timer, water temperature control, FM radio and CD connector and even a hands-free phone call and receiver which are all operated through a computer control panel.

You’re really not here for gadgets though, you’re here for a deluxe spot session  right?  You’re in the right place.  

  •  There are six body massage jets to hit you from every angle.
  • Your showerhead is set up as an overhead rainfall to cover your body easily and enjoyably.
  • There is a computer control panel at your fingertips to handle all your temperature, sound and telephone needs
  • You can check on the temperature with the easily read LCD display
  • There is a hands-free phone call and receiver
  • A loud speaker and microphone for carrying on with business (if you have to)
  • Two ceiling lamps to see easily
  • A ventilation fan to keep the air moving
  • A foot massage

This great steam sauna kit  is constructed with toughened glass, aluminum alloy and total waterproof materials inside.

There have been hotels that have had both a  dry sauna and a steam room sauna and I have made use of both. Alternating back and forth followed by a quick dip in the pool is an experience that’s hard to forget.

Would you like to buy this steam shower home sauna? Just click on the image…

A steam sauna kit may be the answer for what you’re looking for.

Two functions are met with one unit.

Both the shower and a steam sauna are all in one package.

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