A sunlight sauna is an extremely popular type of sauna these days.

You may initially think it is describing the amount of windows or glass area of your sauna. This would allow more sunlight to come in (if your are sanua is outside of course).

My sauna, which is outside has a very large plate of tempered glass in the door. It is practically all glass actually. The view I have looking out is of our pool and a large open green field in the background. It allows the sunlight to come in very nicely.

Extremely relaxing visually and mentally I must say.

My sauna is the electric heater and stones with the water for steam type.

I love it.

The concept goes back hundreds and hundreds of years minus the electricity of course.

A sunlight sauna today is a different concept entirely. It’s actually infrared heating that is being encouraged and sold. For many it is the new direction for saunas to go.

The idea is to mimic the natural energy that sunlight has with it where objects are heated but not the surrounding air. The name for that natural energy is far infrared light. The object, which in this case is you, absorbs that energy, starts to warm up without all the air around you also being warmed up.

Far infrared light penetrates into your inner tissues, your muscles, skin and organs. It increases your blood flow and ends up helping damaged tissues to recover.

There are all types of elaborate claims as to the benefits of infrared saunas. Some manufacturers can get quite elaborate.

Claims have been made by manufacturers that a infrared saunas or ( sunlight sauna )…

  • Helps you with your weight loss.
  • Increase your blood circulation which allows nutrients to flow to your skin.
  • It helps that the healing of minor cuts and bruises.
  • Helps remove heavy metals through detoxification.
  • Your immune system is strengthened and improved
  • Relieves pain

Is a sunlight sauna ( or infrared sauna) right for you?

You’re looking at a reasonable investment when buying a home sauna kit, so you need to ask yourself are you wanting the traditional, hot room with steam experience that has met the needs of millions through the centuries? Or would you prefer lower temperatures, longer sessions in your sauna a with today’s, doctor encouraged, new technology.

Either way, your experience in a sunlight sauna whether infrared or conventional will be an enjoyable one.

It has been for me.


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